Class Lead Job Application – Oahu

About The Company

Harvest Learning Group is a different kind of education company. We bring a more human-centric, fun, and effective curriculum to the classroom by using the latest and greatest discoveries in Cognitive Science. By understanding how the human mind works, we carefully craft lessons that are hands-on, collaborative activities for K-5 students in Math and Reading. Our unique approach leverages the natural learning mechanisms already at work in a child’s mind, resulting in a radically effective learning experience kids love.

In addition to our innovative curriculum, Harvest is building and using technology tools to help our teachers become more effective in the classroom. We utilize business intelligence gathered in the classroom to continuously improve our operations. By coupling thought-leading technology and curriculum, Harvest has been recognized as the next generation of teaching by State Representatives on the House Committee on Education and prestigious institutions such as The Punahou School!

About The Position

We are looking for passionate adults who are interested in a position as a Class Lead. This dynamic individual will lead a class of 5 to 15 students on a learning adventure where students will master Math and Reading concepts through hands-on, small team activities. The Class Lead will:

  • deploy our curriculum and provide improvement suggestions via our feedback system
  • maintain a classroom environment that is optimized for learning
  • explore new teaching methods and strategies
  • be a part of a company dedicated to the education and well-being of children

About The Candidate

Required Qualifications
  • Passionate about education and kids!
  • Learns quickly and willing to try new things
  • Mastery of K-5 Math and Reading concepts
  • Believes we should strive to continually improve
Preferred Qualifications
  • Teaching license/certificate
  • Prior teaching/tutoring experience with groups of students
  • Obtained an associates degree or higher

Why Work With Us?


$16 – $25 per hour


Learn powerful and effective pedagogy through a curriculum developed based on how the human mind works


Positively affect the lives of elementary children in your community by teaching them the fundamental knowledge of Math and Reading


4-18 hours a week. Times are typically around 1pm to 4pm Monday through Friday

Class Lead - Oahu, Hi Application

  • Background Check

  • Education and Experience

  • Please describe the fields you have studied and to what extent you have studied them.
  • Please describe your experience teaching students in grades K-6. Please include information such as the capacity in which you taught, where you taught, and how many students at a time you taught.
  • Please describe any other teaching experience you may have.
  • *PDF and Doc format only
  • *PDF and Doc format only
  • Availability

  • Kindly describe the days, and times, that you are available to work with us.
    Please indicate the general areas you are able to serve.
  • Interests and Additional Information

  • Please describe any hobbies you may have, especially those that involve learning new things.
  • Please enter any additional information you would like us to know.